Participant Comments from our Fall 2017 Group:

"Thank you for all your expertise in helping me become a hearing advocate!"

"What a wonderful class. The material presented is very helpful and the students are engaging. I improved my ability to manage my hearing loss and feel better informed. Thank you!"

Participant Comments from our Summer 2017 Group:

“I loved the class and my classmates who helped me through sharing their own experiences and encouraging me. We felt safe to talk about our own experience and learned communication skills to help us with our loved ones. The university students who assisted with the class were such an encouragement as well.”

“I feel more informed when going to my audiologist.”

“I appreciated receiving all the information in an easily understandable format.”

“I learned things about my hearing that help me so much in understanding ways to cope and navigate seeking help in the community.”

Participant Comments from our Spring 2017 Groups:

"I received more than I expected! It was great!!! I will recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances. Thank you!"

"This class was so much better than I even expected. It taught me to appreciate the challenges of someone with hearing loss."

Participant Comments from our Fall 2016 Groups:

“The Living Well with Hearing Loss class was interesting, helpful, and validating. What a great team with a wonderfully approachable style! This experience has literally changed my life”

“I learned a lot about hearing loss. The instructions were very professional, courteous, and friendly. I will recommend this class to all.”

“Wonderful program! I am grateful for the knowledge provided.”

Participant Comments from our Spring 2016 Groups:

“The classes really helped me understand hearing loss much more.”

“This class was fantastic and I wish more people with and without hearing loss could be exposed to this information.”

“Very helpful. I did not feel alone in my hearing loss and frustrations with it.”

“Very well done. I wish I had come a few years ago.”

“More people should take this class; whether they have hearing loss or not.”

Participant Comments from our Fall 2015 Groups:

"I'd like to see these classes done community-wide. If my husband and I attended one years ago, when we first got hearing aids, it would have made a world of difference, both individually and as a couple."

"Very beneficial, I would recommend this to anyone with a hearing loss"

"Much more knowledgeable about loss and aids than before attending"

"Tip and tools provided gave me hope to cope daily. The teachers and students did an excellent job communicating on a level that encouraged class experience and participation- THANK YOU! :)"

"Just learning to "walk before you talk" has really helped. Also "look before you listen." Also learning I am not alone in the lack of hearing situation helps"

"This was an excellent class! It has given me renewed hope for our future of living with hearing loss. Not only did we learn techniques on how to cope, we also found comfort in knowing that we're not alone. The last class on assistive devices gave us many ideas for options to add to our hearing aids as our loss progresses."

"Great class, great instructions, very knowledgeable of problems we are experiencing. I would attend the class again"

"Well done presentations and coordinations. Very valuable. Thank you."